Monday, August 25, 2008

16 Weeks!!

Woohoo!!! I am now 16 weeks and we get to "attempt" to find out the gender tomorrow!!! Will it be a boy or a gril?!?!?! I am feeling great! I started feeling the baby move this past week. Last night I got 2 quick kicks in a row, I tried letting Cody feel but that was all the gymnastics the baby was willing to do that night.

During Week 16: The baby is now 3-5 ounces in weight and about 5 inches long. The eyes are finally working, making small side-to-side movements and can even perceive some light through the eyelids that are still sealed shut. They baby is becoming more sensitve to touch and will squirm away when I poke on my belly :o) The taste buds are forming and little bones in the ear are forming. The baby may now be able to pick up on my voice!

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