Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunny Butt Cake

Last year for Easter I made this Bunny Butt Cake and several friends have been asking about it for this year. I can't seem to find a blog post about it in my archive so I'll walk you through it now!

Believe it or not ... I totally winged this cake. I had no instruction when I was making it. I had merely seen pictures of it from other people.

You will need:
  • 1 box of cake mix (any flavor)
  • Prepared batch of Buttercream Icing (or any favorite icing)
  • 4 XL packages of Kit Kats
  • Easter M&Ms
  • Prepared fondant (either store bought Wilton or homemade marshmallow fondant)
  • Coconut shavings (optional but I think its so cute this way)
  • Pink & Green Food Coloring
Bunny Butt Cake:

Mix the cake mix according to package and bake two 9" round cakes. Once cakes are cooled and removed from pan, place one cake on the serving tray. Add a thick layer of icing to cover the top surface of the cake and then place the 2nd 9" round cake on top of the previously iced 9" round cake. Then frost the entire cake (top & sides). It doesn't have to be smooth and pretty because it gets covered with candy. 

Next, break your Kit Kats into sections of two and just simply stick to the sides of the freshly iced cake (the icing needs to still be wet). 

For the fondant bunny butt:

The actual butt is just a half circle of fondant. So try and make a ball to desired size and cut in half. I just shaped the feet by hand to be oblong with a slight narrowing at the toes. For the tail, make a smaller ball of fondant and cut in half to make a 1/2 ball again. I used a butter knife I believe to kinda just "stab" the tail in all different directions to make a fluffy texture. There is no reason to be perfect here. 

Grab a small amount (ping pong size or less) of fondant and add a few drops of pink food coloring to dye it pink. Hand shape the foot pads and apply to the feet with a dab of water. 

For the green grass:
I placed coconut shavings in a ziplock bag and added free food coloring and just shook it until it was dyed green. Spread around the base of the cake...easy!

All you have left to do is assemble the bunny on top of the cake. Simply place the butt piece down onto of the wet icing first. Then add the remaining pieces. If the fondant is sticky enough, just stick the tail & feet on. Otherwise, use a dab of water to get the pieces to stick to each other. 

Then pour M&Ms around the bunny butt until the cake is covered!

I tied a ribbon around the Kit Kats since I was traveling with it so that they wouldn't fall off. You are done!

*Note: the Kit Kats will go stale within a day or two so try not to prep too far in advance. The fondant bunny butt can be made a week before. It will stay soft if kept in an airtight container or it will get very firm and hard if left out unsealed.



Kini said...

I decided to try making Tonya's bunny cake this year because it was way too cute last year!
It was super easy and I'm no baker but this was so fun to make.
I have never messed with fondant either and that was so fun molding my bunny's butt!
I only came across one flaw, I accidently broke a set of kit kats so, instead of running to store for more I "glued" them
Back with the icing and the ribbon covers up the break!!
Hope you find time to make it and have as much fun as I did
Thank You Tonya for sharing !!

Tonya said...

So glad it worked for you Kini! Thanks for the tip on repairing Kit Kats :)

George said...

Thank you for this marvellous idea. Definitely easier to make Bunny Bottoms than Bunny faces!

Anonymous said...

This looks great, can't wait to "attempt" it this year, wish me luck!

LeeSwartz said...

i do agree with reusing butter tubs and such but the plastic starts to wear down so i only use them a few times. if you have large yogurt containers and such you couls donate them to a school or arts camp program.

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Julie said...

I have made this cake for the last few years but never with the bunny bottom ... SO CUTE and will make a great addition. Wish me luck :)))))